Robinson College Boat Club


Robinson College Boat Club


History of the Boat Club

Robinson is the youngest college in Cambridge University and its men’s and women’s crews appeared for the first time in 1981.

Men's 1st VIII

In the Lent Bumps, the Men's 1st VIII are thriving. The peak for the club was in 2019, where the crew reached 4th on the river. Currently, the Men's 1st VIII are 13th in Division, having gone down 3 last year, but are hoping to turn their favours around in 2024.

Historically, in the May Bumps, the Men's 1st VIII has been consistently in the top 20 boats, reaching a peak of 3rd on the river in 2003. As of 2024, the Men's 1st VIII are 16th in Division 1, having gone down 1 last year and hoping to reverse their misfortunes in 2023 with a crew in 2024 consisting of 8/9 of the 2023 crew.

Women's 1st VIII

The Women’s 1st VIII have a successful, stable run in Division 2 (and occasionally Division 1!).

In the Lent Bumps, the Women's 1st VIII are currently 11th in Division 2.

In the May Bumps, the Women's 1st VIII again have spent the majority of their time in Division 2, occasionally doing well and reaching Division 1. Currently, the crew is 15th in Disivion 2, having maintained their position from last year.

Lower Boats

The lower boats have had varying degrees of success over the years but have always had an enjoyable campaign, giving them vital experience of races and allowing more people to be involved in the competitive side of rowing.

Currently, the Men's 2nd VIII are doing very well, placing 10th in Division 3 in May Bumps.

The Women's 2nd VIII have qualified for the May Bumps and are currently 5th in Divison 5.

Further information

Further information about the current bumps campaigns can be found on the CUCBC website, the direct links of which are here.

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