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Robinson College Boat Club



By sponsoring Robinson College Boat Club (RCBC), we are offering you a unique opportunity to increase your exposure to the student population of Robinson, the world-renowned University of Cambridge and the wider rowing community in Cambridge. RCBC is the largest sports club at Robinson College and rowing is the most popular sport at the University of Cambridge, with over half the student body trying out the sport during their degree. Robinson students study at one of the world’s top universities and many graduate with first class honours.

RCBC also gets exposure outside of Cambridge and has competed in some of the most prestigious races, including the Head of the River Race in London and Henley Royal Regatta. We have also competed in many local and national regattas, with recent appearances including Wallingford, Kingston, Bedford and Sudbury Regattas. As a club, we are currently improving, with some very positive results recently in both races in Cambridge and races outside of Cambridge. Your sponsorship would help support our student body and allow as many students as possible to enjoy the experience of rowing and help them push themselves to the limit.

We are offering a range of sponsorship packages:

Robinson Head Sponsor

RCBC hosts a race in Cambridge open to all Cambridge College crews. Sponsoring this race provides a number of opportunities for our potential sponsorship partner, including:

Kit Sponsor

Primary kit sponsor. Robinson students often wear kit not only while rowing but also to lectures after morning training sessions, providing exposure to many students in Cambridge.

Boat Sponsor

We currently own five coxed eights and two coxed fours. Details are available here.

We offer packages to sponsor boats individually, blades individually and a package to sponsor the entire fleet.